Library Administration

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Included on this page are different presentations and artifacts that demonstrate my ability to successfully manage a library including advocacy, management, and organizing collection information.

LIB 600 Susan Smuskiewicz FINAL 11_17_20.webm

Reasons why librarians make a difference

Identifying and analyzing school data to advocate for funding librarians

PD video Susan Smuskiewicz .webm

Professional development presentation

How to teach students how to effectively select relevant information when conducting research

Susan Smuskiewicz Budget Presentation LIB 600.webm

SBDM Ebook presentation

Identifying and analyzing school circulation data to support the purchase of E-books

Collection Analysis 610

Collection Analysis

Identifying and updating library collections

Weeding Analysis

Weeding 610 Susan Smuskiewicz

OPAC Investigation

Identifying and analyzing the components of the school library website and online collection

Diversity Reflection

Why diversity in the school library is important to student success and development

Includes the remodel plan and rationale for the importance of creating a safe instructional space to support student learning

School Library Layout Susan Smuskeiwcz

Genre Vs. Dewey Decimal

The planning process for organizing a genre based collection may seem daunting, but with careful planning, the switch from Dewey to a genre based collection can be a successful endeavor.

Library Planning

The overarching goal and outcome of this needs assessment is to promote inquiry/learning opportunities, inclusivity, and diversity to support student academic success.