Classroom Resources

This section includes various instructional resources that help both teachers and students learn how to appropriately demonstrate collaboration, inquiry, and curating skills.

Standards Based Grading

Below are attached some resources that that teachers can use to facilitate standards based grading, Both can be adapted for various grade levels.

Standards Based Rubric

Standards Based Reflection 10th grade

Standards Based Reflection 12th grade

Rejuvenating the Collection

Identifying appropriate diverse books for classroom use

Flipped learning lesson plan

Modifying classroom instruction for independent student centered learning

Information Literacy Unit Plan

A collaborative lesson that teaches students how to effectively examine databases for inquiry based learning. Includes links to resources that can be modified for any classroom use.

Read Woke One Pager Student Work Samples

Students selected "Read Woke" Books and created one pagers focusing on significant themes, quotes, and symbols represented in the text.

Click Here to View Student Read Woke "How to Interview a Book" Examples

The Roots of Rap

Instructional resources for the picture book The Roots of Rap by Carol Boston Weatherford

The Roots of Rap Bitmoji Page